Metal Enclosed Switchboard

UniGear ZS1

UniGear ZS1 is the ABB mainline global switchgear up to 24 kV, 4000 A, 50 kA and is produced close to you in all the six continents.

Each UniGear ZS1 panel consists of a single unit which can be equipped with a circuit-breaker, contactor or switch-disconnector, as well as with all the accessories available for conventional switchgear units.



• Up to 12-17.5 kV, …4000 A, …50 kA

• Up to 24 kV, …2500 A, …31.5 kA

• Standard IEC

• Highly customized versions


• Fitted with safety interlocks

• Internal arc classification IAC AFLR

• Classified LSC-2B, PM

• CB racking with closed door


• Wide applications

• Vacuum and SF6 circuit-breaker

• Vacuum contactor

• Switch-disconnector

• Traditional CT/VT and sensors

• Wall and free-standing solution


• ABB quality

• Large installed base

• Installed in high number of countries

Design includes

• Protection and control

• Earthing switch

• Ultra fast earthing switch

• IS Limiter

• Integrated capacitor banks

• Bay computer


Utilities and Power Plants

• Power generation stations

• Substations

• Main and auxiliary switchgear


• Pulp and Paper

• Cement

• Textiles

• Food

• Automotive

• Quarrying

• Petrochemical

• Oil and gas

• Metallurgy

• Rolling mills

• Mines


• Drilling platforms

• Off-shore oil rigs

• Cruise ships

• Container ships

• Tankers

• Cable ships

• Ferries


• Airports

• Ports

• Railways

• Underground transport


• Shopping malls

• Hospitals

• Large infrastructure and civil works


The switchgear and main apparatus contained in it comply

with the following Standards:

• IEC 62271-1 for general purposes

• IEC 62271-200 for the switchgear

• IEC 62271-102 for the earthing switch

• IEC 62271-100 for the circuit-breakers

• IEC 60071-2 for the insulation coordination

• IEC 60470 for the contactors

• IEC 60265-1 for the switch-disconnectors

• IEC 60529 for degree of protections

Degrees of protection

The degrees of protection of the switchgear conform with IEC

60529 Standards.

UniGear ZS1 switchgear is normally supplied with the

following standard degrees of protection:

• IP4X for the enclosure

• IP2X for the partition between compartments

On request, the external housing can be supplied with a

higher degree of protection; in this case please contact your

ABB sales representative.

The electrical characteristics of the switchboard can vary for

ambient conditions other than those described in the previous

section and also if a higher degree of protection is used.

1) For other versions, please refer to the chapters no. 2 (Double Busbar System) and chapter no. 3 (Marine Applications).

2) GB/DL version is available with higher request in dielectric characteristics (42 kV) and short time withstand current (4 s).

3) The values indicated are valid for both vacuum and SF6 circuit-breaker.

4) For panel with contactor the rated current value is 400 A.

UniGear ZS1, Single busbar system, Air insulated switchgear for power application

Unit compartments

A Circuit-breaker compartment

B Busbar compartment

C Cable compartment

D Low voltage compartment

E Compact gas duct channel


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