Air Insulated Switchgear

Cubicle Types

Sectionalising Cubicle, type SEC

The sectionalising cubicle is always used together with the bus riser cubicle. The standard version with 375 mm width is equipped with a SF6-insulated, 3-position switch disconnector for sectionalising the busbars. Earthing facility is provided always as a standard.

Basic equipment

Top unit, including:

  • 3-position switch disconnector
  • operating mechanism with mechanical position indication
  • enclosure of busbar compartment
  • integrated low voltage compartment
  • interlocking unit
  • busbars
  • earthing bar

Bottom unit, including:

  • enclosure with sectionalising busbars
  • bottom cover

Cubicle Accessories

  • integrated voltage indicators or socket interface for portable indicators
  • auxiliary contacts for close (2NO+2NC) and earth (2NO+2NC) position
  • gas density indication with alarm contact
  • motor operation device
  • current transformers
  • arc-gas channel
  • channel for control cables
  • anti condensation heater
  • through-going earthing bar
  • apparatus earthing bar
  • voltage transformers

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