Air Insulated Switchgear

Cubicle Types

Bus Riser Cubicle, type BRC

Bus riser cubicle, type BRC, connects the busbar to the bottom of a sectionalising cubicle with circuit breaker or switch disconnector. This 500 mm width cubicle can be used as a metering cubicle with space for 3 CTs and 3 VTs.

The lower front door is fixed to the cubicle and has to be released with a tool. The door has a window for inspection.

Basic equipment

Top unit, including:

  • bushings
  • enclosure of busbar compartment
  • integrated low voltage compartment
  • busbars
  • earthing bar

Bottom unit, including:

  • enclosure with bus riser bars
  • bottom cover

Cubicle Accessories

  • integrated voltage indicators or socket interface for portable indicators
  • current transformers
  • voltage transformers
  • earthing switch with position indication
  • auxiliary contacts for earthing switch, 2NO+2NC
  • arc-gas channel
  • channel for control cables
  • anti condensation heater
  • through-going earthing bar

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