LVMDM (Low Voltage Main Distribution Board)
  • Several control systems are applied to this panel LVMDP.
  1. ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

On this control system power supply is received from PLN and Diesel Generator. Power supply from PLN switches to Diesel Generator when block out occurs.

  1. ACTS (Automatic Controlled Transision Switch)

On this system power supply is received from PLN and Diesel Generator, and power supply returns to PLN when PLN is back to normal.

  1. MSB (Main Switch Board)

This panel protects the power load of 20KV/400V transformer on 400V side and is completed with a feeder to Distibution Panel.

  • Rated Current of Main Bus Bar Up to 6300A
  • Type of Module Fixed/Withdrawable
  • Rear Access Connection
  • Cabinet Construction 2mm mild steel
  • Size 2000 H x (800-1200) W x (800-1200) D

MSB (Main Switch Board)

ACTS (Automatic Controlled Transision Switch)

LVMDB with ATS & Cap. Bank 1000KVAR
DB (Distribution Board), PDU (Power Distribution Unit ), PP (Power Panel), LP (Lighting Panel)

PDU (Power Distribution Unit)

Wall Mounting Switchboard

OLP (Out Door Lighting Panel)

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