Lightning & Surge Protection

Effect of Lightning

  1. Catastrophic consequences for people and animals (Electrocution and severe burns that might result in death)
  2. Damage to buildings. A direct lightning strike causes damage to structures (e.g. buildings, antennae, telecommunications, manufacturing and photovoltaic arrays).
  3. Fires
  4. Destruction of equipment / service interruption. An indirect lightning strike generates voltage surges which damage equipment connected to the electrical network, telephone network, Ethernet, etc.

Protection Level and Parameters

To guarantee the correct operation of this type of lightning rod, tests are required to be performed by duly certified and approved, independent high voltage laboratories. The Nimbus lightning rod has been tested as per NFC 17-102 and UNE 21186 and certified by LCOE (ENAC accredited laboratory). The ENAC accreditation mark, recognized by EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation), ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) and IAF (International Accreditation Forum) and recognized in practice around the world, guarantees the strictness, transparency and test methods.

In addition, Nimbus lightning rods have been subjected to 150 kA (10/350) lightning current pulse tests (the average intensity of a lightning strike is 30 kA), with no loss of properties. Nimbus complies with technical codes and standards NFC 17-102, UNE 21186, CTE SU8, UNE-EN 50164-1/2 and IEC 61024-1.

The selection and installation of an ESE type lightning rod is carried out using risk assessment guidelines. The NFC 17-102 and similar ESE standards describe the construction criteria to follow during installation of ESE lightning rod products. A number of countries use the risk assessment criterion from the IEC 62305 international standard. Effective and safe design is achieved by complying with the aforementioned standards:

1. Define the level of protection or degree of safety required for the system to be protected

2. Calculate the volume of the system to be protected

3. Select the appropriate lightning rod to cover the volume to protect

Selecting a Nimbus Lightning Rod

Choosing a lightning rod from the Nimbus range can be done by using the previously mentioned calculation and using the table below to select the right ESE according to required protection level, the height of the rod and the radius to be protected. Cirprotec puts the online program Nimbus Project at your disposal for quick and simple calculations.

Protection radius (in meters) depending on the model of lightning rod - NFC 17-102 and similar ESE standards (Rp)

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